Money and people are constantly moving across borders – and every shift creates new tax complications. We understand and solve the issues that occur when multiple governments want to tax the same people and businesses. We also buy, hold, lease and sell U.S. real estate for non-resident investors.


Webinar for Noncovered Expatriates

Course Overview:
We will help you understand the tax paperwork you need to prepare in order to properly renounce your U.S. passport and NOT be a covered expatriate.

Phil Hodgen, Attorney

Friday April 24, 2015
8:00AM to 10:00AM Pacific Time

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Gifts, Bequests, Inheritances and Expatriation

This Week’s Question

This week’s question came from reader N., who answered the question in the “Welcome to the Expatriation Only Newsletter” email I sent him with this:

My biggest question regarding expatriation is regarding inheritance. How does taxation change upon renunciation?

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Pack Light, Go Fast (Seat 19A)

 Everything in a 20 liter backpack for a trip to Toronto. Also, Neil Young is on this flight to Toronto. #totalfanboy

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