We do a lot (and I do mean a LOT) of work with PFICs — Passive Foreign Investment Companies. As a result we have a lot of stuff on this topic stored in our collective brains at the firm. We also have fiercesomely complex spreadsheets designed by David, and tweaked by David, Elena, and Debra.

I’m writing these blog posts in an effort to remove some of the witchcraft and tom-foolery out of PFICs and the preparation of Form 8621. Expect a metric ton of posts on the topic. I have not yet begun to tax-nerd out on you.

Feel free to ping me questions about PFIC issues. I have a steady accumulation of topics sitting in Evernote waiting for action. I’ll get to it eventually.

Also, please drop a comment or ping me an email if you think I’m dreadfully off the rails on my interpretation of All Things PFIC. It helps me get smarter, and it helps the other readers when bad information gets corrected.