October 30, 2011 - Phil Hodgen

Why the silence? asked a correspondent

It is Sunday.  I got an email from a gentleman with whom I am in frequent contact (for which I am grateful, and I always enjoy seeing his emails in my inbox, so thank you M).

He asked why I haven’t blogged lately.  Here’s the answer.  I will leave aside the normal “I’m really busy” excuse.  Everyone is really busy.

The whole offshore initiative stuff has me grumpy and negative.   I’m not going to use up my LCUs* whining about idiots in the government, which I was doing for a long time.

I re-learned this lesson yesterday, watching my youngest daughter play soccer.  She was goalie.  The ref made a terrible call — saying a goal had been scored when it had not.  My daughter was devastated.  She had pounced on the ball like a cheetah.  The coach substituted someone else into the goal, and she came off weeping and stood on the sideline hugging me for a long time.

The life lesson there — ignore the referee.  There are always going to be bad referees, and there are always going to be good referees making bad calls.  In all areas of life this is true.  And you can’t run your life based on other people and their opinions, even if they are in positions of power.  The only way you win — as a soccer team or as a human walking through life — is to ignore the idiots and re-focus on building.

It’s like close elections — the other party can’t fraudulently steal an election if the margin of victory is big enough.  If you’re relying on the referee to win the game, you will lose.  If you’re relying on Douglas Shulman to have a conscience, you lose.

It is Sunday.  My family is in San Diego doing a mud run with some friends.  I’m in the office hammering down caffeine and busting my brain on hard stuff.  Bad use of LCUs.

The website is currently in re-design.  It is broken on several levels and needs to be fixed.  (That’s a whole different story; any high quality WordPress coders out there want some work?)  The PFIC explanations I did are a taste of what’s coming.  All international tax.  All designed to help people build, grow, expand.  Foreign investment in U.S. real estate.  Tax planning for businesses (inbound and outbound).  Stuff like that.


*Footnote.  “LCUs” are M’s acronym for Life Credit Units.  You only have so many of them allotted to you for your lifetime.  How are you going to use them?