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  1. The nuts in Congress thought that the provision would be a disincentive to expatriation.
    Instead, it’s another incentive to expatriate before you cross the Covered threshold.

  2. The idea is to pick perhaps a European country or Canada for that matter and have someone look at their Discrimination Laws.

    For example it seems to me to be discriminatory for a resident dual Swiss / US citizen to have their data passed to the IRS while another Swiss citizen does not incur such scrutiny. Should all resident Swiss citizens be treated the same from a data point of view?

    Unless all things tax are exempted from discrimination laws it’s going to be hard to justify why that’s not discriminatory.

    Shouldn’t all resident citizens enjoy the same financial freedom?

    There must be another way to slay the FATCA dragon or at least slow it down to give people to think more about this.

    Go onto Isaac Brock and check out the Stop FATCA short video it’s entertaining anyways.

  3. I have not thought about the discrimination laws — my head is too deep in the tax stuff. What is the idea you have?

  4. Phil

    On investment did you see the US’ new website from the Dept of Commerce to encourage inward investment into the US.

    When you search under FATCA, it comes up ‘yields no results.’

    Obviously they’re not advertising FATCA on that website.

    Also one other thing – I’ve brought this up before, do you think using Discrimination Laws abroad could offer a ‘carve out’ for resident dual citizens. This idea has been floated with little or no response. Am I out in left field or is everyone so focused on the strictly tax side of this issue?

  5. “it is NEVER good for taxpayers when the IRS publishes guidance”
    ok. Phil I get it now 🙂

  6. “it is NEVER good for taxpayers when the IRS publishes guidance”
    ok. Phil I get now 🙂

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