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  1. The US continues to live in isolation. When it comes to possibility make investment with that wealth the US will be sitting on the side lines. The US thinks it has the most efficient deepest financial markets in the world, however, in future the flows of money will help develop Europe and the Far East further. In 2020 the US will be down to about 15% GDP with the 85% trading among themselves. This approach will not work in the long-term unless the rest of the G20 decides to adopt the US approach.

  2. Brilliant post.

    You have summarized well the insanity of the current US tax and reporting regime and its unintended – but not unanticipated – effects. International is a small part of my tax practice, but enough to be frustrated if not angered by what an increasingly bankrupt nation is doing to find the last of the nickels under the sofa cushions.

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