This is yet another general information story by the mainstream media about the fate of ordinary people caught up in the IRS Commissioner’s Career GloryQuest cunningly sold using sentences containing the word “fair”.

Generic articles like this aren’t going to make a difference. We need real people willing to stand up and speak truth about their experience at the hands of the IRS. The only way things will change is when the real world sees the tragedies.

Is anyone out there willing to be visible and public about what happened to them in the amnesties? Contact me. It will go on YouTube.

The IRS wins by hiding the execrable things it does. We need some sunlight. I can’t disclose client information. We need a taxpayer to stand up and show the trivial tax liability coupled with a six figure penalty for FBAR violations.

Call me if you’re up for this.

Thanks to reader L for the story link. I won’t break her anonymity by saying she lives in a city that hosts a stampede every year. And no, it isn’t Omak, WA (I have actually been to the Omak Stampede).

Unrelated: I’m watching surfers right now. With the occasional pod of dolphins swimming by.