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  1. @Scott, The one thing you must provide as an attachment to your 8621 is the QEF Annual Information Statement provided to you from the fund. I don’t know of any further requirement for attachments with respect to a QEF. As long as you are providing that, you do not need to provide any further detail unless requested by the IRS. There was a post specifically covering this on June 11 that you may find useful. 🙂

  2. Hello Debra –

    We for a few years have included, along with our Form 8621’s an attachment. We are starting to wonder if it is really necessary. I have included the body of the statement below. Is there a requirement that 8621’s have this sort of information attached to them?

    Form 8621 – XYZ Investments QEF Distribution Statement

    Name of PFIC or QEF XYZ Investments Ltd

    Name of Shareholder Our Company
    Street address 100 Main Street
    City NY
    State NY
    Zip Code 12345
    EIN 67-8901234

    K-1 Year OUR Company
    Income Withdrawal Net
    2008 1 (1) –
    2009 2 (1) 1
    2010 1 (1) –
    2011 1 (1) –
    2012 – (16) (16)
    2013 – (20) (20)

    Cumulative 5 (40) (35)

    Cumulative amount included in income 5

    Law under which amount was included in income:
    IRC §1293

    Description of transaction:
    In current year there is not sufficient QEF income included
    in the taxpayer’s tax return to cover the current year distribution
    amount. All distributions have been return of capital, therefore no additional
    PFIC income is required due to the distribution in the 2014 tax year.

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