April 20, 2012 - Phil Hodgen

We’re hiring an admin person

The Craigslist advertisement will go up today.  But I figure the internets are a great magnet to attract the right person.  If it is you, please get in touch.

Recent history

The last three people who have had this position:

  • – Ellen.  About two years in the position, now at UCLA Law School, and doing extremely well there.  She will excel no matter where she goes next.  (You can come back here, Ellen!).
  • – Debra.  Still here.  Started answering the phones etc.  Morphed over to tax accounting work and is gearing up for the CPA exam.  She’s a philosophy major from Columbia.  (I tell you that because I want you to understand the room for growth here).  Does amazing work, especially with our complex expatriations.
  • – Jordan.  About a year and a half here.  He started scanning files, morphed to much greater things (he knows how to wrestle the City of Los Angeles Building Department in great and marvelous ways, and is in fact doing that as I write this blogpost).  Just got his real estate salesman license and will become a commercial real estate broker in downtown Los Angeles.  You are replacing him.

The person 

You need a brain.  You need to think that being anal-retentive is a good thing.  You must be organized.  You will need to know your way around computers (we are an Apple shop).  Your writing skills should be flawless.  Tax law is all about numbers so you should be able to live in Excel if you need to.

You should be, God help us, a people person.

If you’re looking for direction (Insert Tab A into Slot B) and when you’ve done that you will sit and wait for further instruction, you will fail utterly here.  All of us will sit with you at any time and you will get great instructions and information.  (We did that earlier this week, with Debra and Elena learning about the idiosyncrasies of Subpart F from me).

I know it sounds all woo-woo ‘n stuff, but seriously.  You create your own life.  Talk to any one of the three people I mention above.  Talk to Elena, who is still here (she started as a one-day-a-week Quickbooks jockey).  Now . . . can I brag?  . . . she just took a giant hairball of a $50 million real estate portfolio with no accounting records and got it completely straightened out so that we will get a signed off audit opinion letter from a large accounting firm.  She sweated blood and converted an absolute disaster into Total World Domination.

The intention

As you can see from the last three people who took the position, you can grow.  As my sister once said, “Hire ‘A’ grade people and you might only have them for a few years.  Hire ‘C’ grade people and you’ll have them forever.”

We want an “A” grade person.  If you’re thinking of stepping upward into law, into accounting, into real estate (we do a metric tonne of real estate deals), working in the offshore finance or trust company world, what you learn here will propel you forward.  And as you can see, we want — and like — to work with bright, motivated, directed people who have a vision for themselves.

The firm

We do international tax only.  We are exceptionally busy.  (No new clients until further notice.  Does that tell you something?  We are looking for tax lawyer talent, too.)  Our clients are from all over the world, and when their affairs touch the United States, that’s where we help.

If you’re interested

We are in Pasadena, California.  This is an “in the office” job.  No remotes.  There are many things for which remote workers are suitable.  This is not one of them.

Email to get started.

EDIT: Welcome Olivia! She starts 30 April 2012.