October 3, 2003 - admin

Welcome to, v. 2

Version 1 of is now retired. Good-bye, frames. Good-bye, tables. Good-bye to a lot of stuff.

In its place reigns a Movable-Type-powered site. I’ll be converting to Movable Type in the near future as well. Adam Kalsey did the work. Thanks, Adam.

I first started using blogging software about 18 months ago, testing out the theory with using Radio. Every now and then I still find an obscure reference to this site lurking in Google results, but my guess is that it’s mostly gone now.

Radio — let’s not say it was too hard to use. It wasn’t. It was too hard for me to bend my head around to understand it. Plus at that point my kids were really young so I lacked one key ingredient to sanity: sleep. I ditched Radio.

Late in 2002 I revisited the concept of content-management software, looking at Post-Nuke, PHP-Nuke, and various other free and commercial packages. I got a 30-day test version of Radio again, and tried it.

About this time I downloaded and started using and learning Movable Type, testing it out with some fun sites: Pasadena Trails and The Center of the Universe among them. I learned enough to understand that I liked it and it would serve my purposes admirably. But making Movable Type stand up and sing would require help from someone like Adam Kalsey. Or a vast amount of my time. I chose Door Number 1.

The new site isn’t perfect. I know that. Adam knows that. Websites are a constant work in progress: aesthetics, content, and organization are all in flux. So this is Version 2 of, but Version 1 of the Movable Type era.

What does the new site do? It allows me to post information easily. Very easily. That means there will be more updates. More information. More fun for me, more useful stuff for you.

More later. It’s Friday and there’s a problem to solve. A U.S. nonresident died while owning a house in the United States. (Bad idea on both counts — don’t die, and don’t own real estate directly if you’re a nonresident). Tax problems erupted. Let’s sharpen the pencil and see what we can do to minimize the tax bite.

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