February 2, 2010 - Phil Hodgen

Webinar – Inbound Tax Planning for Multinational Families

I’m doing this as a one-hour webinar at noon today. This is via the California Society of Certified Public Accountants.

The webinar isn’t on their website. Yet.

The topic is “Inbound Tax Planning for Multinational Families” and is a reprise of my session at the 2009 International Tax Conference in December. There were a number of requests for a remote webinar of my talk in San Francisco.

Think of this as “wealthy parents living outside the USA with children living inside the USA” and you’ll have a pretty good sense of the family groups we are talking about.

If I find a link to the webinar I’ll add it. In theory this will be recorded and available for download or viewing from CalCPA.

UPDATE: 11:10 a.m. – this webinar is being offered live to people who attended the 2009 International Tax Conference. It will then be on the CalCPA website as a recorded session, available for viewing/download/whatever. This is according to John Larkin at CalCPA.

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