December 23, 2014 - Phil Hodgen

Webinar for Noncovered Expatriates


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This webinar is limited to 10 participants, and tickets are available on a first come first served basis.


Haoshen Zhong (Attorney), Jurate Gulbinas (CPA), and Debra Rudd (CPA) will be presenting a webinar for people who are thinking of renouncing their U.S. citizenship as a noncovered expatriate. Attendance is limited to 10 people in order to leave plenty of time for each individual to ask questions. The webinar will be a two-session event, and will run for 90 minutes each session. The first session will be held at 8:00AM Pacific Time on Friday January 16, and the second part will be held at 8:00AM Pacific Time on Friday January 23.


The objective of the webinar will be to help you completely understand the tax paperwork you need to prepare in order to properly renounce your U.S. passport and NOT be a covered expatriate.

Professional Level Presentation

You will be getting the same information that the firm gives to CPAs and lawyers when we talk about expatriation. If you are a professional, you are welcome to sign up for the webinar. But we expect that most of the participants will not be CPAs or lawyers.
Don’t worry. You will understand everything. Read any of our blog posts. That’s who we are and that is the level of explanation you will get.

Plenty of Time For Your Questions

There will be plenty of time for questions. You will be able to sumbit questions beforehand as well as ask questions anonymously during and after the webinar.


We are only taking on ten people in the webinar. We hope that with ten people there will be enough time to cover all of the information you need to know, and answer all of the questions that you want to ask.


The cost of the webinar is $1,000 for both sessions combined.

Questions About the Webinar?

If you have any questions about the webinar, please call the office at +1-626-689-0060, or email Somath Hasina at

Obligatory Disclaimer

This is an educational seminar. You are not getting specific, directed legal or tax advice. Attending the seminar won’t make us your lawyers or tax advisors. (But it will help you get smart!)

*Webinar access information will be sent a week prior to the event to participants via email*

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