July 14, 2011 - Phil Hodgen

Voluntary Disclosure Program–zombies rise from the dead

For people in the 2009 Voluntary Disclosure Program only, a warning.  It ain’t over, even when it’s over.

We are used to dealing with letters from the IRS Philadelphia office asking why we filed a late Form 3520 for a taxpayer in connection with the Voluntary Disclosure Program.

Today, we are pleased to report a variation on the theme.  A client got a dunning letter from the IRS (New York this time) demanding payment of his Voluntary Disclosure Program amount.  Which he’s already paid.  On a case that would not have closed unless he sent in the money.

Actually we got two of these letters today.

I’m thinking it is a good idea that the IRS is delaying FATCA implementation for a year.

Voluntary Disclosure