It is Sunday morning in Riyadh. I have a busy day ahead of me.

Here is the view from Room 243 of the Al Faisaliah Hotel. In the far distance, barely visible is Kingdom Tower, home of the Four Seasons Hotel, where I have stayed on previous trips. That is the silver building with the necklace-shaped hole in it. Or a downward-facing D. Whatever. There is a mosque near to me (on the right of the picture) and of course there are buildings under construction everywhere.

IMG 1433

Snowman in Riyadh

And a view down to the ground. This little friend is a gift from my youngest child. She made it in First Grade, I think. I take her little snowman on almost every trip I make. There are actually two coffee shops, side-by-side, on the street. There is a Starbucks on Tamimi Street right behind me.

Coffee is essential.

IMG 1435

Yes, I do in fact have a small balcony.