February 3, 2009 - Phil Hodgen

Update to clients on paperless file process

For those of you who are clients of the firm (and thanks!) here’s a quick update on where things are with our quest to be paperless.

We sent out a bunch of paper (!) letters to clients who still have paper files in our offices. These letters asked for instructions: “What should we do with your paper files?”

We are in the process of either shredding or returning the paper files as requested by each person. Many of you asked for a CD with the scanned file on it as well. Highly recommended, by the way! Paperless = you too.

For the people who didn’t answer the first blast of letters, we’re now sending out second requests, by email and (if we don’t have an email address) on paper via our friends at the U.S. Mail.

At the moment we are down to a little more than two filing cabinets worth of paper. Yay.

If you haven’t responded yet, please call/write/email/whatever and tell us whether we should return or shred your files.

And one more thing. We’re still your lawyers. Please don’t interpret our file purging as anything except what it is — our final push into the 21st Century.