May 11, 2005 - Phil Hodgen

Upcoming Washington D.C. Trip

Next week I’ll be in Washington, D.C.

Each year the Taxation Section of the State Bar of California and the Los Angeles County Bar Association send a joint delegation to Washington, D.C. to opine on various tax matters. Typically we present 10 -12 papers on various topics, and discuss them with officials at the IRS, Treasury Department, Joint Committee on Taxation, etc. We meet with judges at the U.S. Tax Court. Other stuff, too, that I can’t remember right now (I need coffee).

As a member of the Executive Committee of the Taxation Section of the State Bar of California (what a mouthful) I’ll be on the trip. About three years ago I presented a paper (on foreign investment in U.S. real estate through REITs). This time I don’t have to do any hard lifting — I did my work on the organizational end of things.

The festivities kick off Sunday night and run through Tuesday afternoon. With luck I’ll get to visit with my brother-in-law as well. And I’ll blog the events as we go.

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