August 8, 2011 - Phil Hodgen

Thomas Barnett on current reality

I’m at the beach and blogging from my phone. That’s why this one is formatted ugly. ‘n stuff.

This blog post has nothing to do (well, very little) with international tax and a lot to do with politics. Skip it if you want. Or send me an email saying “Phil, are you one of THEM?” where I can hear your head shaking sadly. I will survive the disappointment.

Thomas Barnett is one of my secret role models for the way he does business and family life. I’ve never met him. I worship from afar. 🙂

He has a clear vision of international matters. I started reading his stuff when I found his book “The Pentagon’s New Map.” Given that my business (international tax) takes me to Asia and the Middle East several times a year, his perspective seemed (and still seems) sane. Current diplomatic endeavors from our current (and prior) President seem, well, counterintuitive to me. But then we elected an immensely talented, insightful, and selfless set of politicians to do the job, didn’t we?

Tom wrote a marvelous blog post that describes his personal financial and business situation. It describes mine, too.

Our politicians seem as out of touch domestically as they are in the international context. When I see Geithner, Bernanke, and Obama I feel like I’m watching a Roadrunner cartoon and the Washington crew are Wiley Coyote, running off the cliff. They haven’t yet looked down yet.

TL;DR – Thomas P. M. Barnett is awesome and honest. Obama and crew? Not so much. The Repub side? Not much better than Obama and crew.

Fire up the hate mail. This is my first and last semi-political blog post. I’ll go back to mocking the tax code. 🙂