March 18, 2008 - Phil Hodgen

There’s no such thing as privacy, Chapter 1,245

Here’s an article from Der Spiegel about a convicted criminal in Germany. He’s hoping to buy down his sentence by offering up incriminating private bank information about 2,700 unsuspecting souls. His plan isn’t working quite as well as he had hoped, but what do you bet that the German tax authorities will get their hands on the data anyway?

Look. I set up trusts and companies all over the world. Lots of money gets parked there. It’s my job. I’m the kind of person that loves to hate. 🙂

But for God’s sake if you park your money there, tell the truth and pay the taxes. Life’s too short. If you think you’re such a genius to be able to get away with tax evasion, well (how do I put this politely) all I can suggest is that you look for unchallenged assumptions in your thinking.

An example: “My identity will be completely hidden forever because it is illegal under the laws of ____ to disclose my identity” ORLY?

Tax and Trusts