November 5, 2009 - Phil Hodgen

The IRS goes from two envelopes to one


The IRS is apparently making it up as they go along in the voluntary disclosure program. (Note for those new here: the voluntary disclosure program is for people with unreported income from unreported foreign bank accounts. We have many of these cases in the pipeline.)

When you clear Criminal Investigations you get a letter (example here). The letter essentially says “Kiss, kiss, love, love, from IRS Criminal Investigations, best wishes at your next IRS port of call, and please don’t send us a postcard when you get there” etc.

It used to be that we would receive an envelope. Inside the envelope would be another envelope. And inside that envelope we would find a letter.

Today’s mail brought us an envelope. And inside the envelope was a letter wishing our client well as he trudges along this happy road of voluntary disclosure. No more “envelope inside the envelope” from Criminal Investigations? I hope so.


Voluntary Disclosure