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  1. She probably does not have any back tax filings. But age is not an instant excuse always. There are plenty of wealthy minors. A just happens to not be one of them. 🙁

    On the other hand, she is a bright, friendly, and happy human. And frankly, that is wealth beyond measure.

  2. OOPS. Why did I forget that? /facepalm

    You are right and I will fix that. Thanks, @anon.

  3. The US should be ashamed putting a 17 year through such a BS process just to get out of the FATCA system. On the other hand the US is losing yet another citizen who may someday pay back the US for its arrogance.

    FATCA will be challenged in more foreign courts especially if the first round of the Canadian case goes in favour of the plaintiffs.

  4. “…and she will somehow have to scrape up US$450 for the filing fee”

    Unfortunately A will have to scrape a lot harder than that. In Sep 2014, citing increasing demand for the service, the US raised its renunciation fee 422%, from $450 to $2,350.

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