May 5, 2016 - Phil Hodgen

That quarterly published of expatriates – an anecdote

The U.S. government publishes a quarterly list of expatriates (by name), presumably for reasons derived from this country’s Puritan roots.  (I kid, I kid!)  

Uncle Sam and expatriation

People often wonder if the list is complete.  Well, who knows.  We can all doff our tin-foil hats for a moment and debate whether the list is selectively curated by the bureaucrats who have the job.

What is undeniable, however, is that there is delay.

A report from the field, from someone I know (published with permission):

As a point of interest, as I am sure you know there are many blogs, etc on the net about just who gets published (quarterly) by the Gov after they expatriate. And there is much speculation as to just whom gets on the list…..covered?, non-covered? I expatriated in late 2013 and my wife did the same a year later. Both of us were non-covered. My name appeared exactly one year later and wife’s name has just been published (1 year and 9 months later). This implies that everyone who expatriates appears in the quarterly publication, whether covered, or non-covered, but it can take a hellish long time.