October 1, 2009 - Phil Hodgen

Testimonial from last night’s phone consultation

This makes me blush. And makes me happy. So, with permission from the senders (M and S) here is an email I received this morning:


Wanted to thank you for your time and assistance last night. You were very helpful in clarifying the issues for us, and it was time and money well spent…

Also, as we stated, we appreciate the efforts put into your web site. I know it was a marketing effort to create business clients for your firm, but it was your videos, more than anything, that convinced me that we should probably stop everything we were doing and figure the whole system out before the expiration of the deadline.

It took me a while to convince my wife to watch them. She is pretty skeptical of anything on the web… As a [citizen of country A], she was very insistent that we didn’t need to do anything as the money we had in [Country B] wasn’t earned in the States, and wasn’t brought back into the country, so we no requirements… That just made logical sense to her. Of course, this isn’t about logic, it is about rules and regulations, so a call to the IRS woke her up to the realities of what you were saying, and her acceptance of your opinions on the videos changed dramatically.

So, thanks again. I am glad we invested the money in your expertise.

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Made my day, this did.

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