October 14, 2009 - admin

Ten at night and the phones still ring

I’m sitting at home and the mobile keeps ringing. +1-626-437-2500 until midnight. Go ahead. Call. I’m working at home on the laptop and rocking out to War (“Me and Baby Brother” over and over and over) and Traffic (Low Spark of High Heel Boys when I get sick of War).

People are afraid. I can feel it through the phone. Immigrants. They don’t have that much money. Afraid of jail. No really it will be OK. No, really. EGBOK. Really.

I’m ashamed of the Feds. Let’s hope that what they DO in the amnesty process is reasonable; their rhetoric is anything but.

Meanwhile I have a scheduled outbound call at 16:00 CET which will get me up at an ungodly hour tomorrow.

Voluntary Disclosure