February 10, 2010 - Phil Hodgen

Tell your offshore bank account story anonymously on our forums

There are a lot of you out there who have a story to tell about the offshore bank account amnesty. Public perception and IRS PR is at odds with the experiences of ordinary people like you. Only one side of the story is being told.

The amnesty penalties are disproportionate to the tax due. The process and the penalties create an incentive to hide, not disclose.

If you are in the amnesty program and want a way to publicly (but anonymously) tell your story, there is a now a way to do that.

If you are a U.S. citizen living abroad, innocently caught in a life-altering financial calamity caused by the IRS penalties, tell us about it.

Whatever your story, we want to hear. Help balance the scales in this public relations war.

How to tell your story

Go to the forums we have set up at and post away. You don’t have to create a login profile. You can post as a guest, and no information about you will be kept by us.

We’re not your lawyers

This is not a pitch for legal work and I don’t want to know who you are. We’re not going to give you legal advice, and we’re not going to contact you to try to get you to hire us. In other words, this forum is not a commercial endeavor.

I’m just providing a platform for people to speak anonymously and honestly because I think it is needed. I’m going to be on a panel next month talking about this stuff, and two IRS people will be with me on the panel. I’d like to have some war stories to tell them. 🙂

Voluntary Disclosure