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Debra Rudd

Certified Public Accountant

Do philosophy majors go on to work for international tax law firms? No? I graduated from Columbia University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, then moved to California and worked for nearly four years as a CAD specialist for a shutter company.

Met Phil and the Hodgen team in 2010. Started as an administrative assistant, and soon began helping with tax preparation. Started taking accounting classes and two years later, got my Certified Public Accounting license. Now attending Golden Gate University to earn an MS degree in taxation.

It didn’t take long to realize I love international tax. And after years at HodgenLaw, it’s still an amazing combination of interesting people and problems. Every day means solving complicated cross-border tax issues, whether it’s working through the intricacies of expatriation planning and tax compliance, massive cleanup jobs, or PFIC taxation. It’s always a pleasure to work with talented professionals, fixing messy tax situations from the conceptual planning stage down to the last tiny details.