August 15, 2011 - Phil Hodgen

Tax Notes Today article about the 2011 OVDI

One of my frequent correspondents sent me a link to an article from today’s Tax Notes Today article about the 2011 OVDI. You can also see selected portions of the article at Jack Townsend’s site.

My correspondent is one of the 15,000 head of cattle being carried on the conveyor belt to the abbatoir that is the 2009 Voluntary Disclosure Program. As the Monty Python skit (YouTube) says, “The last 20 feet of the corridor are heavily sound-proofed.” The sound-proofing is necessary because the IRS really doesn’t want to hear the anguish that we — the tax lawyers — hear daily from ordinary people who did no wrong. The IRS doesn’t like ordinary people. (YouTube; potty-mouth language warning).

My correspondent added this personal note:

Does the IRS ever read these Tax Notes? Just curious if they have any impact… I now wished I had not gone through the OVDP…

Voluntary Disclosure