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  1. @Dave,

    Yes there is such a rule — if you are in the country for “X” days you will be treated as a resident of the United States again. You can renounce and — at least under the current rules — get re-entry to the USA on a tourist visa or other type of visa. Just don’t stay too long.


  2. Is this rule if you are on a tourist visa? What if you come in as an expat on a business visa to manage your business? I would be paying tax on that business income, but is the rule there to say if after you are in country “x” days you now become taxed on all your income domestic and abroad?

    My rough plans are to renounce, maintain a business in the US but be free to start business elsewhere without the double taxation. Would I be able to return and manage the US business and just pay tax on it and not my international business? And with a business visa what would the restrictions be for time stayed?

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