March 30, 2012 - Phil Hodgen

Speech Materials from STEP Arabia Conference 2012

Attached for your reading pleasure are the materials I prepared for my part of the STEP Arabia Conference 2012 (PDF) in Dubai. It was a pleasure contributing, and many thanks to Laurence Black of Standard Chartered, who invited me. He is the outgoing Chairman for the STEP chapter, and in fact is the founding chairman of the STEP Arabia chapter. Eight years is enough, I guess!

The event was organized by Rachel Greenwood of Eighteen 7 Events. If you need an event organized in Dubai, call Rachel.

The Conference was at The Address Dubai Mall, which is a very nice hotel indeed. But afterwards we all decamped to The Palace Hotel, which overlooks the lake by the Dubai Mall and the massive fountain there.

I had seen the fountain show before, but this was from a different–and much better–view. We were on a rooftop, with an immaculately catered dinner. And fireworks. Really, really superb fireworks. I didn’t know that the STEP chapter had enough money in the budget for fireworks, but here you have it. Never say that bankers, lawyers, and accountants don’t know how to have fun!

(Oh. The Dubai World Cup is a few days away? And there was a massive party waterside, over there, where the searchlights and lasers were blasting away? And all that music? The fireworks weren’t for us? Never mind.)

Anyway. PDFs (in all their glory) of the handout and the slides. Read ’em and weep.

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