December 17, 2004 - Phil Hodgen

Speaking Engagement: Xinjiang 2nd Advanced Public Administration Delegation

This morning I had the great fortune to speak to a group of senior-level government officials and business leaders from Xianjian, the western-most province of China. This is the second delegation from Xinjiang. In 2003 the first delegation came through.

The delegation members will be in the U.S. for three months. They put up with our presentation with good humor. 🙂 I suspect they will have many, many more events such as this to attend before they return home.

I was invited to participate on the panel by Robert L. Toms, Sr. He spoke on general corporate and business topics. He has his law practice in Pasadena. Also on the panel was Jack McConaghy, an intellectual property lawyer at the Los Angeles office of Fulbright & Jaworski.

I talked about international tax stuff, of course. What else am I going to talk about — ultramarathons?

The event was at Woodbury University and owes its existence to King International Group, a business consultancy that specializes in business between the U.S. and Asia.

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