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  1. Again this is going to come down to data integrity. At present when you register a UK company, they ask your citizenship. Which citizenship should you use if you’re a dual citizen? If you’re a resident EU citizen with US citizenship should you be allowed to register a UK (or EU company) under EU citizenship and preserve your financial freedoms without the IRS breathing down your back? Once again I believe this will come down to your residence and ‘dominate’ citizenship. The US is not going to get its way hounding EU/US citizens who reside in the EU for tax and get EU data. Something has got to give or else it discrimination of US born persons.

    Prediction – After someone goes to an EU court about this ‘data discrimination’ the US may very well have to accept its dual citizens ultimately will be treated equally as other EU ‘data citizens’ and ‘data discrimination’ is something the IRS is not going to participate in.

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