Services Cross Border Tax Planning for Multi-National Families and Service Corporations

Cross Border Investments

If you are investing into or out of the US, let us help you set up your structure right. We can create a plan to meet any goal.

US Real Estate Structuring

We can create a plan to ensure you are optimizing your holding structure for estate, tax, and paperwork purposes. We consider your goals with the property before we start any planning — we will make sure the holding structure set up for your US real estate works for you.

Creating and Fixing Foreign Trusts

We have extensive experience in creating and fixing foreign trusts for the purpose of saving your family from hardships in tax and paperwork filing. If you are entering the US for the first time, we recommend evaluating any current trusts you are related to to identify any possible issues that could lead to excess filing requirements and tax obligations.

Cross Border Advisory

Whether you are just starting a cross border business, restructuring a current business, or closing operations, our head attorney can analyze your current structure, identify potential issues, create a plan, and help you execute.

Immigration & Emigration

We have helped hundreds of individuals with their expatriations and helped many others cleanly transition into US residency.

US Expatriation

If you are giving up your US citizenship or green card, you may trigger exit tax. The IRS pretends you sold all your worldwide assets and withdrew all your IRA balances on the day before you relinquished citizenship or long-term residency, taxing you after applying a set exemption. We will guide you from initial consideration through to tax planning and filing of returns after citizenship or green card relinquishment.

Initial US Tax Planning

The IRS taxes United States residents on their worldwide income. Once you become a US resident, you will need to report all your assets and income, even those not located in or originating from the US. We have helped many clients prepare for this transition both in advance and during their initial year being tax residents.

Remedial and Initial Tax Return Filing

US nonresidents with US business activities may have unfulfilled tax filing obligations. We can review your situation before you become a US resident to get both your and your business’s filings up to date before the IRS asks you to.

Complicated Tax Returns

We’ve prepared hundreds of multi-year and dual residency status returns. Our accountants have extensive experience fixing previous errors and getting individuals up to date.

Multi-Year Tax Filings

If you need to file multiple years of income tax returns at once, either to fix previous issues, or to file for the first time, we can prepare them. We will make the process as painless as possible while preparing complete and accurate returns for you.

Streamlined Procedure

We have filed many returns under the Streamlined Procedure to file multiple tax returns at once. We will guide you through the process and work with your advisors to ensure the return is submitted with all the required information.

Trust Tax Returns

If your foreign trust has filing requirements but has not been filing, we can get those up to date. If you are not sure whether your Foreign Trust needs to file, we can determine whether it is necessary.