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Chapter 8 - Deferred Compensation

Rachel Allen September 04, 2019

All covered expatriates must pay exit tax. The exit tax is computed differently depending on the type of asset. Over the last two months, I...

Chapter 7 - Specified Tax Deferred Accounts

Rachel Allen July 08, 2019

The exit tax applies to everything a covered expatriate owns. The method of calculating tax, however, differs depending on the asset involved. For most types...

Chapter 6 - Mark-to-Market Taxation

Rachel Allen June 07, 2019

In the last chapter, I explained how to determine if you are a covered or non-covered expatriate. The major difference between covered and non-covered expatriates...

Chapter 5 - Are You A Covered Expatriate?

Rachel Allen May 13, 2019

There are two types of expatriates: covered expatriates, and non-covered expatriates. Covered expatriates must pretend that they sold all their worldwide assets on the day...

Chapter 4 - Paperwork for Expatriates

Rachel Allen April 19, 2019

Last month, I discussed how long-term residents can become expatriates. Now I will overview the tax paperwork expatriates will need to file. All individuals who...