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December 2016 International Tax Lunch: Estate Taxation and Expatriation

Estate Taxation and Expatriation

Everyone focuses on the income tax consequences of renouncing U.S. citizenship or giving up a green card. Am I a covered expatriate? Will I have to pay an exit tax?

Income tax and covered expatriate status is only part of the problem.

Many expatriates – covered or not – will continue to own U.S. assets after renouncing citizenship or abandoning their green cards. Real estate. U.S. stock, bonds, and mutual funds. Retirement accounts. These assets can create a U.S. estate tax problem.

If you will own U.S. assets after you expatriate, listen in as Phil describes the tax rules, your exposure to estate tax risk, and what you can do about these risks – both before and after expatriation.

Presenter: Phil Hodgen

Materials: Dropbox