December 12, 2013 - Phil Hodgen

Renunciation trends in Auckland

I received an email yesterday from a contact in New Zealand. Renunciations in the Auckland Consulate are apparently way, way up compared to last year.

I had occasion to speak with an NZ woman who was managing our file because they had messed up on something. She said that there were only 5 renunciation appointments in the last FY (2012-10 — 2013-09), but that they already had 25 appointments for the first quarter of this FY. I didn’t ask if that was number of persons or number of appointments. Anyway, if that trend continues, what is that, a 2,000% increase in one year?

This a large increase. Starting from a low base (five in the prior fiscal year) the statistics are deceiving. Don’t read too much into the percentage increase.

The absolute numbers are small. But I am hearing anecdotally that numbers are up dramatically at other Consulates and Embassies, too. Thus, the trend line may indicate what is happening worldwide. I just don’t have numbers from other countries.

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