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  1. Will the ‘Put Off’ free increase again from $2350? Also I read an article that in Canada, the UK, and Switzerland the renunciation rate has increased 20 fold from the pre-FATCA days so going from 6 to 60 in Halifax isn’t surprising.

    Once other non-English speaking countries become more and more aware of FATCA the renunciation rates will jump their as well.

    The old adage ‘don’t let the door hit you on the way out,’ the US won’t have an ex-pat community left that could be identified as middle class to well off left. The rich are or have already headed for the exit door. Only the poor who may struggle to raise $2350 will be left, but the US won’t collect anything off these folks at any rate. What a FATCA farce!

  2. This is an example of the lengths the US is forcing people in Canada and elsewhere to go to in order to renounce. When the fee suddenly shot up from 450. to 2350. with very little notice (Note it was previously 0$ not so many years ago) it forced those who couldn’t get an appointment before the fee raise took effect to consider travelling outside of Canada in order not to have to pay the newest extortionate fee to the US State Dept.

    ‘Meet the Alberta man who went to Tijuana to renounce his U.S. citizenship’
    By Patrick Cain Global News November 18, 2014

    “……..In late August, the State Department announced it would quadruple the fee people pay to renounce their citizenship – from US$450 to $US2,350. (At the time, a spokesperson told Global News this wasn’t intended to deter renunciants)…..”

    See also the article’s post of the link and text of the statement of claim of the Canadian legal challenge to the FATCA IGA Canada signed – and the Canadian government response.

  3. See the firsthand account of US consular officials stating that renunciants were of low priority and would stay that way – despite the waiting time for an appointment at the Toronto consulate now (as of Nov. 4, 2014) stretching into September 2015 or beyond:
    …”…Consular Official “R” — I pointed out to R that there are many Canadians in the Toronto area with unwanted U.S. citizenship who need to renounce this citizenship. R advised that the wait time is now up to September 2015, in part because of a three week or so delay caused by the Pan AM games …”….Consular Official R (second conversation) — Told R that his boss claims that R has the power to shorten renunciation wait times. R responded by saying that the renunciations are a low priority that do not compare with high priority activities such as passport renewals, and that there will be no change in priority. R advised that Toronto people should go to Calgary or Montreal to renounce. I asked R how would a low income person find the funds to do this…..”…..

    Some other consular locations in Canada are refusing to take renunciants from outside their area. One Canadian flew to another country to renounce rather than having to wait for a spot in 2015. These are not US residents leaving the US – these are people who already live and or were born OUTSIDE the US – AND are not wealthy, and pay a FULL set of taxes to the country where they actually live, work, save and are citizens – ex. CANADA.

    The deplorable behaviour and attitude of US officials on Canadian soil, plus the extortionate and extraordinary renunciation fee of 2350. USD is effectively a denial of the right to renounce – which is enshrined in US and international law.

    This is a spreading and ugly stain – the US extraterritorial treatment of those it claims abroad as citizen-subjects who it provides NO services or benefits to, demands labyrinthine and incomprehensible filings and forms from, threatens with confiscatory and unconstitutional layers of bankrupting penalties (even if NO actual US tax is assessed) charges extortionate sums in fees to renounce and exit taxes ( our manumission price?) and treats with utter disdain (see remarks of consular officials).

    We need protection from the US predator.

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