We can help you cleanly exit from the US system -- we know the tax rules and have been through the process many times.

U.S. citizens and permanent residents pay income tax on their worldwide income. 

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Real Estate

Buying the property correctly is the secret to tax success. We know how to set things up correctly from the start.

U.S. real estate can be a great investment for nonresidents.  The market is extremely large, fairly liquid, and offers many different opportunities: everything from thousands of hectares of land to warehouses to office towers to houses, large and small.

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Foreign Trusts

Trusts can act as a firewall against the US tax system, but are hard to do right. We create, terminate, and fix trusts.

Trusts are hard to create. You are trying to predict and control the future.

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For companies that operate across the US border, we can help with the complexity of US tax planning.

Expanding your business beyond the borders of your home country can be a good business opportunity, whether you are based in the U.S.

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