July 5, 2005 - Phil Hodgen

OT–Mt. Disappointment Training Run

In the run-up 🙂 to my first ultra, the Mt. Disappointment 50k, I went on a training run last Saturday, July 2. We started at Red Box, ran the access road to West Fork. From there we took a trail back to the Kenyon Devore trail which took us to the top of Mt. Wilson. Here is a picture [JPG] of the group at the top of Mt. Wilson. (Thanks, Rowlan Fausto). I’m in the back with the blue shirt and cap. From here we went down the Mt. Wilson road 2.5 miles to Markham Saddle, where we picked up the trail again, up to Mt. Disappointment thence down again to Red Box.

I’m still sore. I have a lot to learn about hydration and nutrition on the hoof.