September 20, 2009 - Phil Hodgen

No more amnesty clients; sorry

UPDATED 20 September 2009 – The IRS is announcing an extension of the deadline to 15 October 2009. We can again take consultations from new clients. As before, we are likely to close the doors 5 days or so ahead of the new deadline, in order to make sure we are giving all of the care and attention necessary for our clients.

Please call me on +1-626-437-2500 if you would like to chat.

Just a quick repeat of an earlier post — we are not taking on any more offshore bank account amnesty clients.

Some people have consulted with us and have not decided what to do.  If you are in that boat,  we will take you on if you want to file with the IRS.  You’re in our system and we’ll handle the voluntary disclosure process for you if you want us to.  Don’t wait though!  Call or email me ASAP.

If you have not worked with us in the past, we cannot help you.  We will not do any more consultations with new people.  Please.  Not even “I have a really simple situation.”  Not even “This will only take 5 minutes.”  None.  Sorry.

We want to take care of our existing customers and give them the best possible service.  If you’re on board, welcome.  We will do our very best for you.  This step — turning away new business so we can work hard for you — is your first indication of our dedication to doing things right.  In the future months you’ll see more of this.  We put our customers first.

Voluntary Disclosure