Expatriation Only

If you are interested in the immigration and tax implications of giving up your U.S. citizenship or green card, this is the list for you. Every other Tuesday at 6 a.m. Pacific time you will get an email that (most of the time) is a real question asked by a real subscriber. You will get an easy-to-understand answer, as well as the legal analysis behind the answer. No hand-wavy mumbo jumbo here.

“Thanks yet again for your great e-mails. Your clear, readable, plain language explanations were invaluable in helping my wife and me deal with the paperwork associated with expatriation a couple of years ago, and the latest disquisitions on inheritance and expatriation are wonderful. We truly appreciate your dispensing this valuable information gratis.” – RR

The Friday Edition

Join over 2,700 discerning and good-looking connoisseurs of international tax law and subscribe to our flagship email – sent every other Friday at 6 a.m. Pacific time. Usually about 1,500 – 2,000 words, these emails are about selected international tax topics. In addition, whenever Phil gets on a plane, you are likely to get an unscheduled email from an airport lounge somewhere.


Previously the PFICs Only newsletter, subscribe to this list to get a biweekly delivery of Minimultinational tax updates. You will get easy to unwrap packages of Cross Border business tax wisdom here, delivered straight to your inbox every other Thursday at 6:00am Pacific time. If you subscribe to this list, we will know you are a diehard international tax aficionado.

*In response to the tax law changes enacted December of 2017, we converted our PFICs Only newsletter to cover more topics that arise when a business crosses the US border–when a US person owns part of a foreign business or when a foreign person starts a business in the US.

International Tax Lunch

On the second Friday of every month at noon Pacific time, we host a free seminar. The topics, unsurprisingly, are about international tax. You are going to hear what we know and what we have experienced in topics like foreign trusts, controlled foreign corporations, PFICs, foreign investment in U.S. real estate, and other topics too.

You can join in through an online webinar, and if you are looking for continuing education credit, that is available too!

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CalCPA International Tax Events

This newsletter started November 7, 2015, and is a thinly-disguised attempt to get you to attend the annual International Tax Conference sponsored by the California Society of Certified Public Accountants. You will receive regular updates of CalCPA-related international tax events, as well as a steady flow of information about the upcoming International Tax Conference. (The next one will be held in November, 2018).