OK. I know that you sit around at night, gazing out of your window at the moon and yearning for more information about PFICs.

Rejoice! Those lonely, unfulfilled nights are over.

PFICs Only

We are launching a new highly-focused email newsletter, along the lines of our successful Expatriation Only list.

PFICs Only. This is a weekly email that will go out every Thursday at 6 a.m. Pacific time.

Unsurprisingly, this email newsletter will focus on one thing only: Passive Foreign Investment Companies. PFICs. You will get explanations of the horrific rules, and help in preparing Form 8621.

Because we care

International tax nerds pronounce the acronym like this:  PEE-fick.1

We tell you this because we care about you. We want you to look suave, debonaire, and chic at cocktail parties. Knowing the lingo is half the battle.

Seriously, though

Debra Rudd, CPA knows and loves PFICs. You should see the checklists and analytical spreadsheet models she has developed over the last few years.

Debra will be writing the weekly newsletters, with occasional contributions from other members of our team. 

Subscribe to the new PFICs Only list here, or see all of our mailing lists here and subscribe to all of them.


1 This phonetic explanation of an obscure tax acronym will generate some unfortunate SEO results for us, no doubt.