There is a new mailing list on our page, started today:  the CalCPA International Tax Events list.

The purpose of the list is to increase the number of people who attend the CalCPA International Tax Conference. I am the chair of that conference. We had a great event yesterday in San Francisco — our best yet in terms of quality of presentations.  Great attendance, and a great mixer after the event.  Free alcohol!  Heh.

(Hint:  come next year and attend in person, or watch on the web if you cannot).

The list will provide information about upcoming CalCPA events — live events, webcasts, etc. — on international tax topics.  This will also include information about upcoming local discussion group presentations on international tax topics.  

And of course you will get information about the 2016 International Tax Conference — topics, speakers, venue, and all of that stuff.

At the moment the list is just hosted on our Mailchimp account, and the people on the list are the ones who signed up in person yesterday in San Francisco.  As soon as it can be done, the list will be moved over to the CalCPA mailing list machinery and become an official list hosted by them.

Please sign up — even if you are not in California or are not a member of CalCPA.  Most of the programs offered by CalCPA are available on the web, and you might find something useful to you!

Go to the page or direct to the signup page for this list.