October 3, 2011 - Phil Hodgen

New Brunswick Premier is in the OVDI

The Premier of New Brunswick is in the OVDI.  In an article published on Saturday in the online Telegraph-Journal, we see a prominent Canadian politician’s reaction to getting squeezed by the IRS.

[Premier David] Alward was born in Beverly, Mass., and spent his early years in the United States before his family settled in New Brunswick.

“I’ve had to scramble like thousands of other people,” Alward said, adding that he is complying with the U.S. demand for tax returns going back years and detailed disclosures.

“This is a difficult situation for a lot of people. I can tell them I am going through the very same thing they are going through.”

There is a hint in the article that in Ottawa pitchforks and torches are being mustered.

Keith Ashfield, Canada’s former revenue minister and the senior cabinet minister for New Brunswick, said Ottawa is taking a tough stance with Washington over the new tax regulations, but he’s not sure much can be done.

“We’re trying to work through a process,” Ashfield said.

“I don’t know where it will lead or what our success will be – they have the right to tax American citizens. But the fact is a lot of these people that are in Canada, and I think it’s over a million, most have never lived in the United States and it’s just happenstance they were born there.”

Alward said he believes federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is doing the best he can to fight the U.S. rules.

“Ottawa is fully engaged in this,” Alward said.

Oh, dear.  “Best he can.”  “Fully engaged.”  “We’re trying to work through a process.”

Please, Villagers of Ottawa.  Do not be polite when marching on Castle Frankenstein.

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