July 28, 2005 - Phil Hodgen

Motorola Smartphone–an abomination unto the Lord

Yea, verily. I have a Motorola MPx220 Smartphone, recently acquired. Runs on Windows Mobile, and is an “all in one” device. Synchs to Outlook so I have my calendar, tasks, address list, etc. all in the cell phone.

The damn thing has given me the cell phone equivalent of the Blue Screen of Death twice in 3 weeks of using it. That’s unacceptable. Technical description of the problem: the phone spontaneously powers itself off. Push power button. Boot-up commences but hangs forever.

Battery life is pretty poor. I guess that’s understandable since, paraphrasing Bones, “This is a computer, Jim, not a cell phone!” Still, compared to normal cell phones that run for a few days without issue, I don’t like the low battery warning at the end of a hard day of use.

A fine concept, this phone, doomed in its execution.

So. (1) I’m going back to separate cell phone and PDA. I don’t want to be out of communication if my PDA bombs. (2) I now have to decide on a PDA. Palm based or PocketPC based? I have a certain opinion about reliability of Windows on the portable platform at this point.