August 29, 2005 - Phil Hodgen

Mentioned in the Hi-Desert Post

I spoke in Palm Springs a couple of weeks ago to an enthusiastic and large group of Realtors about representing foreign buyers and sellers of real estate. (There is a pretty large snowbird contingent in the Coachella Valley).

Louis Perlin of Marilyn Perlin Realtors, Inc. in Palm Springs was kind enough to introduce himself after the my talk. Now he has written an article for the Hi-Desert Post, a local newspaper that is not online, unfortunately. It’s unfortunate because his article talked about my speech:

Recently, I was lucky enough to sit in on a presentation made by Philip Hodgen, an attorney who specializes in taxes and how they affect a non-resident. I was only thankful that there were no flies in the room for my mouth was wide open during the entire presentation. What I know about tax laws affecting both resident and non-resident owners wouldn’t fill a thimble.

After the presentation I spoke to Mr. Hodgen and he was kind enough to allow me to make his presentation on non-resident ownership available to any of my readers. If you would like a copy of the presentation made on Aug. 10 at the Palm Springs Regional Association of Realtors, just give me a call and it will be mailed immediately at no charge.

I’m famous in the desert, at least!

Thanks, Lou.

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