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Meet The Experts Behind HodgenLaw PC.

Two is for amateurs. We think three heads are always better than one. You’ll work with hard-core tax lawyers and Certified Public Accountants who sit in the same room, at the same table, to solve your problems. After all, tax returns are your (possibly reluctant) love letters to the government. We oversee the conversation - and make sure you don’t get your heart broken.

Member Debra Rudd - Certified Public Accountant

Debra Rudd

Certified Public Accountant


Debra graduated from Columbia University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy in 2006, then spent a few years working in various industries before joining HodgenLaw in 2010 as an administrative assistant. She began assisting with tax preparation shortly after starting with the firm, and transitioned to a full time tax preparation role within a year. She has worked in a professional capacity since, and completed a Master of Science in Taxation degree at Golden Gate University in 2020.

She is now the senior CPA for the firm, and enjoys working with clients with a wide range of tax problems. Debra particularly enjoys working on expatriation planning projects and multi-year cleanup projects for tax returns.

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