January 22, 2010 - Phil Hodgen

List of tax expatriates in Q3/2009

Here is something you need to see and understand, just so you can comprehend the full cycle of events that will happen to you if you choose to give up your green card or your U.S. citizenship and fully log out of the U.S. tax system.

If you are someone called a “covered expatriate” (basically someone with a net worth above $2 million who is either a citizen of the United States or has had a green card for at least 8 years), you will go through a procedure with the Internal Revenue Service to terminate the ability of the United States government to tax you.  You pay an exit tax.  At the end of this process, your name will be published.

Here, for your reading enjoyment, is the list published by the IRS for the third quarter of 2009.  I’m not going to make this a regular feature of the blog.  The point is to show you what you will be temporarily famous when you terminate your U.S. residency or citizenship.

(If you don’t meet the criteria for being a “covered expatriate” you can get out of the U.S. with some paperwork but no tax cost and no publicity.  You won’t be on this list.)

The Notice is published after the jump.

Quarterly Publication of Individuals Who Have Chosen
To Expatriate, as Required by Section 6039G

Release Date: NOVEMBER 19, 2009


Internal Revenue Service

SUMMARY: This notice is provided in accordance with IRC section 6039G, as amended by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. This listing contains the name of each individual losing their United States citizenship (within the meaning of section 877(a) or 877A) with respect to whom the Secretary received information during the quarter ending September 30, 2009.

Last name First name Middle Name/Initials
Alkalbani Saeed Saleh
Anderson Stefanie Andrea
Arnold Richard Lee
Batchelor Nicholas David
Bellm Diane
Bellm Mark James
Berson Alan Charles
Bonelli Ann Pauline
Bosch Maya Giselle
Boutros Joanne Lee
Brennan Michael John
Bresnahan Sean Patrick
Bucher Nicole Shelley
Burns Sara Hamlyn
Chan Andrew Kwan To
Chan Tung Moe
Chang Herman Hsiu Guo
Chau Puiman
Chazot Christophe Edge
Chen Chih-Ming James
Chen Margaret Sai Man
Cheng Dorian Pui Yin
Cheng Kit Heng Wong
Cheung Allan Chiwan
Cho Kyu Hwan
Choi Joel Will
Chung Jane
Chu-Yip Pancy Siu Ling
Corbin Susan Loviska
Cornell Wade Hampton
Cornwall John
De Cocinis Mark John
De Latour Michael Christopher
Effeney Susan Margaret
Egli Vanessa Darcie
Ehrhart Timothy Lee
Feitknecht Andreas Jurg
Firmenich Frederic Alexandre
Fleming Robert Helmut
Flores Eduardo
Fong Cecilia Foo
Foo Allison Wei-Qian
Forrer Thomas James
Fournier Frances Margaret
Ghani Ashraf
Granger Janis Ellen
Guardia Gilberto Jose
Gutowski Charles Gregory
Hager Edward
Han Jin Hee
Heitmueller Jan Christoph
Ho Benedict Sze Man
Ho Warren Weilien
Hon Kenneth Sau Yee
Hood Russell William
Hung Hak(Nak) Fu
Hung Marvin Ming-Kei
Hussey Martin John
Im Kaiser
Islam Anisul
Jen Stephen Li
Jeong Daniel Eui
Jessee Derek Talbert
Joseph Emma Catherine
Kim Dong Jin
Kim Min Soo
Kim Sol Ha
Kinne Judd Clark
Kirsch Gorm David
Lai Aida
Langhammer Mark Richard
Larsen James Gregory
Laursen Kristin Leigh
Law Wilson Wai Shan
Lee Andy Hung Kee
Lee Jae Choon
Lee Ki In
Lee Kihwang
Lee Maureen Lam
Lee Norman Tak Lee
Lii Mark Ming Shing
Lim William Ooi Lee
Lo Lois Yick Sze
Long Stephen Thomas
Machinena Fernando
MacMeekin Scott Wright
Mahbubani Kishore Richard
Maira Arun Nath
Marrs Sr David Michael
Martin Christina Carol
Marx Birgit
McCamish Julie Ann
Meersman Jane Gay
Morgan Kate Louise
Morgan Miranda Elvira
Moss Max
Nakagawa Makoto
Nauer Philip Jacques
Ng Chun Wah
Ng Edwin Sai Wah
Ng Lily
Ng Sarah Ming-Yuen
Nylund Richard Alan
O’Donnell Brian
Ofer Olivia Kate
Oren Michael
Park Sung Soo
Peng John
Persson Bente Dagny
Piasente-Foligno Massimo
Pohan Annisa Larasati
Poon Veronica
Portlock Charles Christopher
Potocki Tomasz Jan
Pu Mark Siao Hing
Pyen Kum Woo
Rebaczonok-Padulo Michael
Renner Scott M
Roberts Steve
Roux Romulo A
Rutledge Gregory Karl
Saba Hafid Mekki
Salas Henrique Fernando
Salathe Heidy
Sandrin Eric Lee
Schindel Peter Hyde
Schneider Kai-Niklas A
Seo Albert Minwoo
Shen Anita Lai Luen Law
Shir Bemellah
Sincebaugh Yeon Hee
Slater Michael D
Sroka Robert John
Stamp Josiah Richard
Stanton Raymond Clifford
Stemple Stewart David
Suh Nam Jin Maria
Takahashi Makoto
Tam Siobhan Shiu Wun
Tenerelli Dean Philip
Thatcher Marianne Laura
Thompson, III James E
Tien Osmund Chung Yu
Udy Anne Benua
Venit Alexander Maria
Villalobos Chun Hui
Wang Austin Jesse
Weiss Charlotte Rubel
Wild Roland Oliver
Wong Bill Yim-Chi
Wong Jeffrey Mark
Woodburn John Andrew
Wu Ingrid G
Wu Madeline
Wu Veronica Shao-Ching
Yang William Chunsu
Zhang Wanjuen
Zukier Hersz

Dated: October 29, 2009.

Angie Kaminski,

Manager Team 103, Examinations

Operations — Philadelphia

Compliance Services.