February 29, 2008 - Phil Hodgen

Lichtenstein. Tax. Chickens. Roost.

The fallout starts. Apparently 195 Germans confessed to tax evasion. There are 20 uncomfortable Australians. The United States is getting into the act and has a list of 100 American taxpayers they are looking at.

To summarize the business plan:

  1. Some people figured that they could hide money, lie about it, and not pay tax.
  2. They stuck the money in Lichtenstein banks.
  3. Real, grown-up countries (Germany, U. K., and who knows who else in in on this), by apparent bribery, bought the services of someone who was willing to break the laws of Lichtenstein and steal bank data that revealed everything about.
  4. ???
  5. Profit! (For the tax collectors in Germany, the United Kingdom, the U. S., and elsewhere).

Unlike the underpants gnomes’ business plan, THIS business plan worked.

Possible countermeasures for people like this, who are yet undiscovered:

  • Jump up and down and say “It’s not right! The government can’t do illegal stuff like that!” (Response: So what? Cat. Bag. Out.)
  • Sit tight and do nothing. (Response: Inevitable merely postponed. Pain handed to your kids because you won’t deal with it.)
  • Run away to Panama. (Saw that happen last week for a U. S. citizen I know. He is a fugitive for the rest of his life.)
  • Be a grown up and clean up your mess. (Why make a money problem into a jail problem?)
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