September 4, 2009 - Phil Hodgen

Latest news from the amnesty front

The Criminal Investigations offices are getting really fast at processing initial applications under the voluntary disclosure program.  This week’s speed demon reports:  Boston and Oakland.  Yay!  Think “days” rather than “weeks” to get clearance and your letter saying you’re eligible for the amnesty.

The next stop on the the happy road of amnesty applications is then Philadelphia.  For California cases, expect them to be redirected to Dana Point (Southern California) or San Francisco (Northern California) for resolution.  New York too has its own local processing.  Other places probably do too, but I don’t have first hand reports on that (meaning me personally, not just hearsay).  This should mean that processing time should improve on the back end — six years of amended tax returns.

All in all, this tells me that the IRS internal procedures are being improved and they’ll be able to process these things.  I had been expecting things to drag on for a year or so.  Likely now that they’ll be faster.  We like that.

If you’re in the process, ping me an email and tell me where you are in the pipeline and what your processing time and experience has been.  Email address is phil *at* hodgen_dot_com.

If you haven’t started yet?  Call me.  +1-626-437-2500.  Evenings and weekends.  Let’s get you in before the deadline.

Voluntary Disclosure