October 19, 2015 - Phil Hodgen

Jell-O Shot — The BKK-SIN Seat 7D Edition

Hey from Phil again. Jell-O Shot time again. You get these things because you signed up for theFriday Edition newsletter. You can unsubscribe by clicking on the link at the end of this email.

Usually I write these at the airport before boarding a flight, but this one is from Seat 7D on Jetstar 3K512 en route to Singapore. I missed writing this in the airport in Bangkok because, well, we cut it a little tighter time-wise than usual. :-/ Mailchimp will get this (and then you will, too) when I land and acquire some wifi in Singapore. [Edit: I’m in Watanabe Coffee drinking their coffee and borrowing their wifi, just down the hill from the Four Seasons, where I’m staying.]

We wrapped up the DCBKK conference on Sunday. Good stuff. I got to secretly nerd out and listen to one of my favorite internet-famous people, Patrick McKenzie, who spoke Sunday afternoon.

I bought the early-bird tickets to attend DCBKK 2016 — the email went out at 7:00 p.m. I was at dinner at Vivarium (more on that later) and I bought the tickets mid-dinner. If I’m lucky (Hi Dan and Ian!) I will be asked to give another workshop next year and I will get in for free. But otherwise I’ll be there as a paid member of the audience.

I don’t get business from this. I have no members of the Dynamite Circle as clients. That’s not why I attended. I go because of the people. They are optimistic and creative. They are builders. DC people are fun to be around.

As a result, I have friends. Pat and Aey live in Bangkok. Tim and Sandy came in from Hong Kong. All of us went out to dinner on Saturday night — hopping from one rooftop bar (at the hotel famous for the Hangover movie) to another, and then to a great restaurant called Eat Me.

Wow. Desserts: a lavishly decadent chocolate ice cream with a wicked time-delayed spicy afterbite that is nowhere to be found while you are savoring the chocolate but suddenly appears announces its presence deep in your throat and keeps building in intensity. And a lemongrass-infused creme brulee that put an subtle spin on my all-time favorite dessert.

Aey knows restaurants. 🙂

On Sunday night, Pat and Aey took us to Vivarium, a new and trendy restaurant in Bangkok. Really good food in a fashion-forward space, tucked in a questionable 🙂 industrial area. Strangely empty, though. I hope the restaurant survives, but they need more customers than they had when we were there. Tim and Sandy said the restaurant has been franchised and has just opened in Hong Kong. Hmmm.

IMG 1234

If you are in Bangkok, seek out Vivarium if it is still there. Your hotel concierge can help you. The restaurant’s website is broken, nonexistent, or useless. They don’t answer the phone. If you try to Google Map the restaurant, the magic red pin will go to a wrong location. You may spend some high quality time in a taxi poking down one street or another until you get there. If you are lucky, like us, there will be a row of cement trucks getting ready to do a pour at a nearby construction site. Heh.

I don’t need to burden you with the story of my life (though I’m not shy in sharing the details, but now is not the time) (let’s just say if asked for a beverage, no matter what the location or occasion, you will invariably hear me specify sparkling water), but it is sufficient to say “You don’t get here from there.”

That’s it for now. I am sincerely grateful for you being there and reading my emails. It makes me all warm and happy when people connect and tell me they have been reading the blog or the emails newsletters.

So . . . hit reply and say “Hi”. Keep it non-business. Not for any reason except to connect. Everything good in my life has happened because I met someone new.


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