January 25, 2010 - Phil Hodgen

IRS sends acceptance letters four different ways

People who are in the amnesty program for undisclosed bank accounts start their journey with the Criminal Investigations unit of the Internal Revenue Service. In the vast majority of cases, the Criminal Investigations people have no interest in throwing you in jail, so you will get a letter from them to that effect.

So far, we have received this letter:

  • In a simple #10 envelope, by first class mail;
  • In a #9 envelope inserted in a #10 envelope, by first class mail;
  • By United Parcel Service (!); and
  • In a simple #10 envelope, first class mail, return receipt requested.

There are many other possible variations on the delivery theme and I hope I don’t see them.

My preference: Paper letter, inside simple envelope, with first class mail stamp. That’s fine. (Email me a PDF. That would be better, but I don’t think that is likely to happen.)

On a related note, my discussions with Special Agents in various CI offices leads me to believe that they’re pretty far along the paperless office route. Yay!

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