July 29, 2011 - Phil Hodgen

IRS makes you guess, story number #432

We needed copies of prior-filed FBARs for a client.  (We didn’t know whether one was filed, and if one was filed, we didn’t know what it said.)

In order to get a copy from the IRS you have to pay a fee.  The fee is calculated by the number of pages on the form.

OK.  We need to know the number of pages of a form we’ve never seen?  What the hell.  We guess and send a check.

Bounce!  Request for copies rejected.

We got a letter back saying we paid too much (by $2.70!) so our request for a copy was rejected and the check was returned.  Helpfully they gave us the correct amount to pay.

Now we know how many pages there were on the originally-filed FBAR form.  And we know that an FBAR was in fact filed.

Moral of the story

Insert your own moral here.  I’m too busy.  (Shhh.  Be vewwy, vewwy quiet.  I’m hunting unicorns.)